Vancouver Car Share Companies

Car share has been a big hit even before ridesharing like Uber. Car2Go and Zipcar have been around for years. Many have said millennials are giving up owning a car but around the Greater Vancouver Regional District GVRD where housing prices are the least affordable in Canada, saving the average Canadian’s $275 a month car payment can go a long way to helping climb the property ladder. Car Share can bridge the gap between cycling, public transit, a taxi, and walking or other forms of active transport, without the need to rent a car for a whole period of 24 hours.

Car2go Car Share Smart Car
Car2go Car Share Smart Car at UBC campus in Vancouver
ZipCar Hyundai Elantra at UBC campus in Vancouver
EVO Car Share at UBC campus in Vancouver
Prius C EVO Car Share at UBC campus in Vancouver

Evo looks like they only use Toyota Prius C and they all have active lifestyle roof racks for bikes, skis, and boards.

Vancouver Velocity Cars

Storefront of Vancouver Velocity Cars

The weather could not have been worse for my visit to Velocity Cars in Burnaby BC but I had a great time anyways visiting the JDM powerhouse in the suburbs of Vancouver. Japanese Domestic Market or JDM cars are imported to Canada after they are 15 years old. This means that every few years an entirely new generation of vehicles is available to Canadians. These cars are often Right Hand Drive as Japan is another country like England where you drive on the right, however many of the German cars there like BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Porsche are still Left Hand Drive, LHD. These cars offer a unique automotive experience for people looking to have something a little different than the everyday. Check with your local insurance company as some can be particular about the Right Hand Driving experience. Photography with the snow and rain was tricky so it was a only a short visit.

2001 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Bug eye in Vancouver Velocity Cars Burnaby

Canada didn’t get the Subaru Impreza WRX until 2002, and the STI until 2004, so we never enjoyed the Bug Eye variant of the legendary world rally car.

2001 Nissan Skyline R34 Coupe Green
2001 Nissan Skyline R34 at Vancouver Velocity Cars

R34 Nissan Skylines are now available as early examples are 15 years old and this one was a beautiful dark green colour.

1998 Toyota Chaser Tourer V 1JZ VVTi Turbo at Vancouver Velocity Cars
BMW Z3 Roadster with M Package Blue Interior
1998 Honda CR-V at Vancouver Velocity Cars

Here you see the Right Hand Drive Honda CRV which is often used for Rural postal mail delivery.

Nissan Stagea in Vancouver at Velocity Cars

I found this Nissan Stagea curious because it’s the USDM Infiniti G35 but in a Wagon format with a smaller 2.5 liter V6 engine. It’s only recently passed the 15 year mark allowing it to be imported, meaning I’d never seen one in Canada until today.

1998 Alfa Romeo GTV in vancouver at Velocity Cars
Mitsubishi Space Gear at Velocity Cars
Storefront of Vancouver Velocity Cars
Vancouver Velocity Cars

License Plates of British Columbia

So far I’ve seen 4 different styles of license plates for cars in British Columbia, but I’m sure there are more options. Personalization options provide an additional stream of revenue for the province by offering consumers more choices in how they express themselves on their license plate. Vanity or personalized plates are an option as well for those who truly want a custom experience.

These lovely pink and blue plates with a more photorealistic interpretation of the mountain peaks of the Rocky Mountain Range on a Volkswagen Jetta spotted at the Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal in Victoria British Columbia
This Stingray sports the vanity custom license plate SEE YAH in white, blue, and green.
This Stingray sports the vanity custom license plate SEE YAH in white, blue, and green. The basic line drawings symbolize the mountain ranges of British Columbia
Corvette stingray with green british columbia license plate with a grizzly bear
This Corvette Stingray is sporting the wilderness themed green license plate with a grizzly bear.
Land Rover with blue and white bc license plate
This Land Rover has the traditional, off the shelf, blue and white plate with the BC flag insignia in the middle.

Charlie Munger Speaks about Bitcoin at University of Michigan Ross School of Business

Charlie Munger recently did a long format talk at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. He had this to say about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

“I can answer those very quickly. I think its perfectly assinine to even pause to think about them. You know it’s one thing to, to think that gold has some marvelous store of value because Man has no way of inventing more gold or getting it very easily. So it has the advantage of rarity. Believe me, Man is capable of somehow creating more Bitcoin. They tell you they’re not going to do it but they mean they’re not going to do it unless they want to. That’s what they mean when they say they’re not going to do it. If they tell you there are rules and they can’t do it, don’t believe them. When there is enough incentive, bad things will happen. Its.. bad people, crazy bubble, bad idea, luring people into the concept of easy wealth without much insider work. It’s the last thing on earth you should think about. If it worked it would be bad for you because you would try to do it again. It’s totally insane. And by the way, I’ve just laid out a wonderful life lesson for you. Give a whole lot of things a wide berth. They don’t exist. You know… crooks, crazies, egomaniacs, people full of resentment, people full of self-pity, people who feel like victims, they’re just a whole lot things that aren’t going to work for you. Figure out what they are and avoid them like the plague. And one of them is Bitcoin. And the worst thing would happen if you won because then you would do it again. It’s total insanity. It’s so easy to simplify life, from just, all of these things are beneath you. I don’t even want to know… People are promoting bitcoin, I don’t want them to know my address. They’re not my kind of people”

Is Bitcoin in a Bubble?

it has all the classic ingredients of a bubble

–Ray Dalio, Bridgewater

When you overlay the Bitcoin price chart against the classic bubble charts of modern history, it’s quite easy to say that it looks like a Bubble. A speculative bubble driven by greed, and demand for above average market returns.


But if you overlay this parabolic trajectory over a typical Technological Adoption curve, with the right timeline on the X axis, it looks quite normal. Is the growth driven by the great efficiencies, transparency, as part of the larger Is it part of a larger credit contraction and deflationary period we might be going through? Does it give hope to a post-Federal Reserve or Central Bank model?


I don’t think we’ll ever live in a world where we use the  Internet less than we do today. I also don’t think we’ll ever live in a world where we use money less than we do today. Velocity will increase and will magnify the impact of printing trillions of dollars in fiat currency. I’m left wondering; is the Dollar is in a Bubble?

How The Economic Machine Works

Ray Dalio explains How The Economic Machine Works. The confluence of Productivity Growth, the Short Term Debt Cycle, and the Long Term Debt Cycle are the main drivers of the Economy.

Cars of British Columbia

Here’s a running gallery of the sweet cars I’ve spotted in British Columbia, where there is no salt on the roads in the winter and more moderate temperatures all year round. There are many cars there that I haven’t seen in Ontario in 15 years. These relics would have long since rusted away with our salt and brine. The exposure to JDM Japanese Domestic Market vehicles is also greater with the access to the Pacific. There is a unique car culture in British Columbia that is worthy of study. All of these photos shot by Timothy Felsky with a Canon60D and processed with Adobe Lightroom.


Alfa Romeo Twin Spark Quadrifoglio in Victoria
Alfa Romeo Twin Spark Quadrifoglio in Victoria British Columbia
Death Dealer at the Breakwater in Victoria British Columbia
Jaguar Mark in Vancouver British Columbia
Jaguar Mark in Vancouver British Columbia
Lexus LX 450 in Vancouver British Columbia with updated Toyota TRD Pro Wheels
Lexus LX 450 in Vancouver British Columbia with updated Toyota TRD Pro Wheels

While I’m particularly sensitive to it, it seems that almost everyone drives a Toyota truck of some kind in British Columbia it seems. From Tacoma, to 4Runner, to Lexus GX and LX variants. They really show that they last when not exposed to the terrible corrosion that afflicts Ontario Tacomas. True 4 wheel drive and likely affinity to Pacific brands aids in their significant capture of the light truck market. There are enough that I will do a separate post just of the Toyota trucks I spotted.

Volkswagen Super Beetle in Vancouver British Columbia
Volkswagen Super Beetle in Vancouver British Columbia
Audi 90 Convertible in Vancouver British Columbia
Audi 90 Convertible in Vancouver British Columbia
Trans Am Totem in the Vancouver Open Air Museum
Trans Am Totem in the Vancouver Open Air Museum

Save-a-Deal Meetings

The purpose of a save-a-deal meeting is to bring business back onto the table that would otherwise be lost by silos in the business. Some businesses do this daily, others weekly, some even monthly depending on their sales cycle. There is always more business that slips through the cracks when sales and business development professionals are working in their silos. Where a deal would be seen as unprofitable to the Sales department, it might have a knock-on or compounding effect to another department. The coordinating team can adjust their ratios to allow the sales department to make a deal that would otherwise not come together, benefiting both businesses. This is especially important to teams where the business units represent such a stark contrast in their dynamics, especially an Us vs. Them division with sales and support.



Review Pending sales that are unpaid and undelivered. Don’t let a signed deal fall apart.

Review Last Period Traffic and Sales Opportunities with a mind to flatten the barriers that are holding back any deal.

Take notes, codify/classify any recurring themes to elevate to upper management and Product Planning teams. Maybe there is unmet consumer demand.