Selling Cars on OpenBazaar

2015 Volvo XC60 for sale on Open Bazaar
Open Bazaar

I was lucky enough to have a brief exchange with Brian Hoffman of OB1 recently. OpenBazaar launched their Beta earlier in the year and I had been on the mailing list to check it out. The community is growing. I decided to stake out a claim on the decentralized real estate of automobile sales on OpenBazaar. I loaded my first car last week and here you can see this beautiful 2015 Volvo for about 5 BTC. While I’m not the first to post a car I hope I can provide resources for the adoption of cryptocurrency marketplaces for cars, trucks, automobiles, and other vehicles, while pushing forward decentralizing the marketplaces themselves with tools like OpenBazaar.

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    1. Thanks Jenn, glad you found my site. I shared the link with Brian and he helped me find the resources to fork It’s a super ambitious project but I want to build out a vehicle specific marketplace on top of your protocol. A real standing on the shoulders of giants sorta thing! Come back again soon.

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