Getting Started: Trading on

coinsquare dashboard interface
coinsquare dashboard interface
coinsquare dashboard interface

Getting started trading on is pretty easy. They’re one of only a few Canadian exchanges that allow you to on-ramp your fiat currency into cryptocurrency. Their interface is clean and tidy. Their Verification process is not onerous. They allow Limit trades as well as market trades. They have 2 Factor authorization through Google Authenticator. These are sort of minimum standard and boring criteria! Yawn! But it’s nice to have support in the Canadian Bitcoin ecosystem and they have a few unique tricks up their sleeve as well.

The first is their Coinsquare Wealth option. This is enabled with a purchase of $25,000 or over, with 2 higher tiers when deposits reach a certain level. Interestingly in December 2017, this was only a buy of about 1 Bitcoin. At the $100,000 level, CoinSquare Diamond, there is dedicated support concierge and 0% wire fee to deposit. Cutting down on fees is the only guaranteed way to improve your returns. What remains to be seen is for how long $100,000 in cryptocurrency is deemed to be “wealth” or if it becomes more a norm for a store of value.

Coinsquare Wealth options


The next key differentiation for me is that they also sell FIAT  Canadian Dollars CAD, United States Dollars USD, Great British Pounds GBP, and Australian Dollars AUD, as well as Bullion, gold, and silver. For traditional Foreign Exchange Forex traders, this might represent a more efficient system for holding multiple denominations of currency and precious metals, in addition to their cryptocurrency. This can reduce complexity for taxation of capital gains and might reduce the effort needed to onramp into Cryptocurrency for traditional holders of diverse stores of value. It will reduce account or password “fatigue” whereby users need more accounts and passwords to more portals than ever before.

Cryptocurrency and traditional assets available on

Even Dogecoin is available for your kids to play with, though it hit a market cap of over $2 Billion USD in January 2018. Meme-tastic!

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Is Bitcoin in a Bubble?

it has all the classic ingredients of a bubble

–Ray Dalio, Bridgewater

When you overlay the Bitcoin price chart against the classic bubble charts of modern history, it’s quite easy to say that it looks like a Bubble. A speculative bubble driven by greed, and demand for above average market returns.


But if you overlay this parabolic trajectory over a typical Technological Adoption curve, with the right timeline on the X axis, it looks quite normal. Is the growth driven by the great efficiencies, transparency, as part of the larger Is it part of a larger credit contraction and deflationary period we might be going through? Does it give hope to a post-Federal Reserve or Central Bank model?


I don’t think we’ll ever live in a world where we use the  Internet less than we do today. I also don’t think we’ll ever live in a world where we use money less than we do today. Velocity will increase and will magnify the impact of printing trillions of dollars in fiat currency. I’m left wondering; is the Dollar is in a Bubble?

How The Economic Machine Works

Ray Dalio explains How The Economic Machine Works. The confluence of Productivity Growth, the Short Term Debt Cycle, and the Long Term Debt Cycle are the main drivers of the Economy.

Hidden Secrets of Money

A friend introduced me to Mike Maloney’s series of videos a few years ago now and I had a hard time reconciling this pessimistic viewpoint with my real-world experience. The term Gold Bug is used a pejorative and a some of the videos start to border on conspiracy theory. If your key take-away, is that this is a commercial for, you should dig a little deeper. I found the videos largely factual and informative. They’re well presented and well produced. I don’t have any holdings in Gold beyond a little pin, but it might represent a reasonable store of value with reasonable liquidity, but it lacks the divisibility many people ask of their money.

Episode 1

Episode 2

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