I Forked the OpenBazaar Codebase!

I think it’s super cool to be able to build on top of the MIT license code for OpenBazaar.com to work on a decentralized marketplace for cars and trucks. If you’re passionate about automobiles and want to disintermediate the Craigslists and Autotraders of the world, get in touch with me and let’s put this together. There are a ton of specific fields and search tools that are relevant to automotive that are needed and I can’t do it all. Heck, I can barely do any of it. I think it’s an important learning opportunity on my way to improving my ability to code and develop software and it focuses on my two main interests of automotive and decentralized technology. It’s also a great experience working with Github, something I’ve barely started kicking the tires of. Maybe one day soon dealers everywhere will want to advertise their cars with us and need help joining the platform underpinned by the Open Bazaar protocol. Hopefully, soon everyone will want to pay for their car with Bitcoin! Find me on Twitter @timfelsky or anywhere else. Check out the cars I’ve already listed here: https://timfelsky.com/selling-cars-openbazaar/

photo of the openbazaar.com codebase on github
Forked codebase for OpenBazaar.com