My comments on Roger Ver’s latest video “Are Babies Dying?”

I have a lot of respect for Roger Ver. When I began to take an interest in Bitcoin, one of the First videos that I found was a mash-up of people talking about Bitcoin including Roger making an emotional and impassioned plea about sanctions in Iran and the loss of life that would result. This was crystal clear to me. I’ve also got a healthy respect for Samson and though his laughing seems inappropriate it’s hard to be judgemental about it because I don’t think it’s a reaction to What Roger is saying but more so to how he is saying it. I believe Samson wants Bitcoin to scale as much as Roger does with an emphasis on low cost of transactions AND the low cost of securing the network/running nodes in a decentralized way. I’m wealthy enough, live in the west, have a good education and I still don’t want to run a node at 1mb blocks because my ISP and computer budgets are already maxed. When Samson says that Bitcoin is not for people living on $2 a day, he qualifies it to Rick saying that people in financial class do not have the same education and understanding of the economics of Bitcoin and so they would not use it even if it is cheap to transact because of bigger blocks. They likely lack the cellphone and internet infrastructure nor have much ability to save more than pennies. It’s getting better slowly! In the west, with the the negativity in the press, the “if it bleeds it leads” editorial guideline and the hyper-exposure to physical and economic violence, it is no wonder that we are numbed and desensitized to the point that seeing Roger display such emotion makes us more uncomfortable than the acts of violence themselves. Cue the nervous laughter.