Vancouver Car Share Companies

Car share has been a big hit even before ridesharing like Uber. Car2Go and Zipcar have been around for years. Many have said millennials are giving up owning a car but around the Greater Vancouver Regional District GVRD where housing prices are the least affordable in Canada, saving the average Canadian’s $275 a month car payment can go a long way to helping climb the property ladder. Car Share can bridge the gap between cycling, public transit, a taxi, and walking or other forms of active transport, without the need to rent a car for a whole period of 24 hours. The environmental benefits of going car-free, or being a single car family can make a big difference. Utilization rates for the assets of 2 cars can be ultra-low when it comes to a short commute and then a weekend at home.

Car2go Car Share Smart Car
Car2go Car Share Smart Car at UBC campus in Vancouver
ZipCar Hyundai Elantra at UBC campus in Vancouver
EVO Car Share at UBC campus in Vancouver
Prius C EVO Car Share at UBC campus in Vancouver

Evo looks like they only use Toyota Prius C and they all have active lifestyle roof racks for bikes, skis, and boards.


So if you still want to buy another car, maybe check out some of these cooler examples to express yourself with a custom license plate, or with a collectible car, or reuse one from Japan, or buy with the long-term in mind.