2022 Rearview

2022 was an interesting one!

Cancun, Mexico

I had the good fortune to travel to Cancun again this spring. This was the first time I got to take the ferry to Isla Mujeres and visit the national park on the tip of the island.

Moncton, New Brunswick

Taking advantage of $100 flights with Canada’s discount airline Swoop, I ventured off to Canada’s east coast for the first time since I was a child. A dear friend hosted my accommodation and even bought me a fancy dinner. I repaid the favour with a delicious chicken supper at St. Hubert, a fine french restaurant.


Spending my birthday in Victoria BC was a real treat. We explored Cook St Village, visited Government House, climbed PKOLS, attended Froomfest, did some work, and had the best blueberry cheesecake of my life.


I returned to Cuba, this time to Cayo Santa Maria. Cayo Santa Maria is a much smaller area and is only focused on Tourism. I didn’t bring a big camera this time, just a Canon G7X Mk2 as an experiment.


Thank goodness for Ecodemy. Startup Companies are never easy, and we prove no exception.

We hired two Western University Masters of Environment and Sustainability Candidates to join us for their summer Coop terms. The quality of the individuals we got to work with was truly humbling.

We delivered beachfront training to neighboring cities.

We ran our first promotional campaign.

We were fortunate to win a $10,000 Grant from the Sarnia Community Foundation to deliver our Earth Day Everyday programming for Sarnia Schools.


Boo. What a brutal year. While these aren’t Bitcoin brands, it’s hard to wash off the stink of the failed algorithmic stablecoin UST from Luna, the failed hedgefund 3AC 3 Arrows Capital, the failed Bitcoin Bank, Celsius, and finally, the failed empire of democratic party donor Sam Bankman Fried. Each of these failures has worn on the price of Bitcoin even though they have nothing to do with the protocol.

While I do believe there will be a time and a place for Bitcoin Savings and Loan products, 2022 wasn’t it.

Excessive Play

A very quiet year for @ExcessivePlay. With all of the other priorities and a shrinking economy, it feels more and more like I can lean on the social criticism of the brand name, rather than the optimistic interpretation.

But I did get to do a shoot for one of the Collector Car Auction services. This 1996 Toyota MR Spider is a beautiful example.

Lambton College

It was a busy year again teaching Social Media Marketing and Applications of Marketing Concepts. Winter term was 3 Sections of Social Media Marketing, online only. Spring Summer was one section of Applications of Marketing Concepts. Finally, Fall 2022 was 2 of each, making my busiest season of teaching this far.