End 2020

End 2020. 

This year, it’s an imperative statement. 

The year began with lots of hope after an incredible 2019, systems firing on all cylinders. 

I took a quick trip to Mexico with a dear friend. While I’d made a point of going to Cuba over and over again, Mexico really set itself apart on this trip.

Just a few weeks after we got home was the beginning of covid-19 in North America.  

While I didn’t have a contract at the college for Winter 2020, I wasn’t really bothered and it turned out to be for the best.

In March, I was laid off temporarily, which thanks to Bitcoin, was fine. There’s always more than enough work to do in Digital Marketing. I made it a goal to improve businesses’ online presences that were about to be left behind if they didn’t adapt. Velocity Drivers Inc, founded in 2011, lived on and the business development process started anew. 

I made the quick call that owning two cars with nowhere to go for the foreseeable future wasn’t what I needed, so I said goodbye to the Fire Agate GX 460 urban battle tank.

While sorting out what the future would hold, I did new exterior photos for Google My Business for over 400 Local Businesses in 2020. These photos have received over 27.5 Million views from people searching for local businesses to meet their needs. (Dec 2021 update, over 40 Million)

I spent the summer taking photos and building out Excessive Play, an Automotive Media Brand for my creative work. I cataloged every piece of content and made digital prints available in perpetuity. I was inspired by having lost access to some pictures of my old cars that friends or associates had taken which marked either the progress of the build or modification. The sales of track day photos funded the development of my premier documentary film.

Things had gone from bad to worse at the office and in September, the layoff was permanent. Thank you to all my clients for making a memorable four years at Fenwick Motors. 

September saw the opportunity to dodge lockdowns for a weekend trip to Leamington, Point Pelee, and Pelee Island. We ate some great Lake Erie Perch, rode our bikes up and down the island, and made it Canada’s southernmost inhabited point.