Financial Independence With Bitcoin

I’m making this blog post to share some exciting news and about a new project I’m under taking. While I’ve been pursuing Financial Independence along the lines of the Early Retirement Extreme and Mr Money Mustache Philosophy for the past 5 years, finding myself out of work in March 2020 due to COVID meant that it was time to sink or swim.

Having first received Bitcoin in 2016 and almost immediately recognized my passion for the technology, I undertook the Master of Science Digital Currencies in 2017.

Now, due to the strong performance of my real estate, equities, and Bitcoin portfolio, I no longer have to work for financial reasons. However, as my good friend Jim Rohn used to say, “I don’t need the money. I TAKE the money, but I don’t need the money.” I also believe that Humans are happiest when they’re doing meaningful and challenging work.

So, one of the projects I’m working on to further the legitimacy of both the FIRE Movement (Financial Independence Retire Early) and the Bitcoin monetary and financial network, is the Financial Independence With Bitcoin at