Toyota and Lexus Trucks of Los Angeles

In this ongoing travel series of Toyota Trucks, here are a sample of ones spotted in Los Angeles California in Dec 2018.

First Generation Tacoma Step Side
The ugliest Land Cruiser, the J6 or 60 Series.
Toyota FJ Cruiser
A J100 Lexus LX470, spotted where it belongs, at the market.
2nd Generation Tacoma built for exploring near the beach in Santa Monica.
Just in from doing the shopping.
Traffic in Los Angeles can be brutal, but it won’t be bumper to bumper for this 4Runner.
Fifth Generation Toyota Pickup aka Hilux everywhere else.
“Cop the Lexus Bubble 2001, hon” Jay-Z. The RX300 or Harrier paved the way for Luxury SUVs.
A Second Generation Toyota Taco truck Tacoma.
Bonus round: Not a “Toyota” per se, but a Scion that had a tough go.