Wasted Opportunity

Plastic Nurdles washed ashore Lake Huron in Sarnia

We’ve got a plastic opportunity.

Plastic Nurdles are the precursor to domestic household plastics. They wash ashore nearly anywhere there’s a plastic manufacturing facility. Such a facility exists in Sarnia and provides thousands of jobs for the community. The likelihood that we can eliminate our reliance on plastics is slim to none. But we have the opportunity to eliminate waste.

You see Sarnia, we have this great opportunity to embrace a reduced waste lifestyle. Never before have we had the ability to make waste free as commonplace and convenient as the alternative. Great Lakes Refill is one part of the solution.

Kaizen is the philosophy and process continuous improvement by reducing waste. Wasted time, wasted energy, and physical waste it’s self.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of a refill store, let me explain. Stores like Great Lakes Refill seek to offer solutions to household waste and throw away plastics. These take the form of offering products in bulk that can be sold in reusable jars and products without traditional bulky package.

With pending legislation aimed at reducing single use plastics in Canada, the opportunity to find a few small improvements in your household is at the forefront.

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